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Description of South Mountain Golden seeds:

South Mountain Golden seeds is a sativa from the Mexican area of ​​Guerrero and has been jealously guarded since the 80s by El Guerrillero. This 100% fast-flowering sativa has a medium yield, but is undoubtedly of the best quality. 

With a very strong and even reaching paranoia if the consumer is not used to these genetics. Euphoric, psychedelic, and active, it will take your thoughts to a higher level of consciousness, get ready for a magical journey.

The aroma and its high power are its main weapons. It has a marked and complex flavour which is different from current commercial varieties. Intense floral mix with sweet touches and touches of wood. In combustion, it can be identified as a true “old school sativa”.

Another of its best qualities is the large amount of resin that it produces, covering even the largest leaves. Fascinating high-quality hashish is obtained from it, both in dry and ice extraction.


General characteristics:

  • Genetics: the descendant of the mythical American sativas of the 80’s. Guerrero, Mexico.
  • Indoor flowering: 60/65 days.
  • Outdoor harvest: end of September first of October.
  • Production: High
  • Effect: very powerful. Cerebral, psychic, euphoric.
  • Flavor / aromas: floral. Complex.