Mycorrhiza spores

Glumus intraradices

Biological Fertilizer

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Features of Mycoprot Soluble:

Mycoprot Soluble is a natural product based on spores of the Mycorrhiza Glomus Intra radices on a micronized clay support. This promotes the root development of the crop where it is implanted, helping to explore much more soil surface and allowing better water and nutritional use. In poor and depleted soils, it is particularly beneficial. It has a deciding effect on the implantation of the species suggested, as well as allowing water and fertilizer to be saved.

Furthermore, it does not contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms). It is usable in organic farming.


It can be applied in woody crops, horticultural crops, extensive crops, ornamentals, and plants for the regeneration of slopes.

Likewise, it is very effective if it is used in the pot, or when the plant is born. It can also be used at the time of transplantation, even in already implanted crops.

Mix the appropriate dose with the substrate in which the plant will be planted, in irrigation, or in a fertigation system using a dropper (it does not obstruct droppers) at a maximum rate of 20gr / L of water or 1gr / plant in 10L pots.

Do not apply with fungicides, especially with coppers directed to the ground, in which case wait 15 days.


20gr per 1 Liter of Water

1gr per plant in 10 liter pots

Guaranteed wealth:

Mycoprot Soluble guarantees a minimum richness of 800 spores / g. It has no security term and can be guaranteed for a minimum of one year in a well-preserved container.