Advantages of organic farming

Advantages of organic farming

Introducing Organic Farming:

Organic farming reduces and ends the problems that arise in traditional farming. Below we will highlight the most important points of the advantages of organic farming.


Climatological factors together with human factors are the ones that produce greater soil erosion.

The impact of man in traditional agriculture has caused and continues to cause erosion to accelerate, this is due to the lack of soil rest, the excessive use of chemicals, among many other factors.

Ecological cultivation reduces the impact by using different techniques such as mulching with dry organic matter, an increase of decomposed matter in the soil, rational use of ecological products, etc.

Contamination of plants and the environment.

In traditional cultivation, and often without awareness or knowledge of it, exaggerated amounts of chemicals are added that make the environment sick because their residues accumulate in the soil and subsoil, in groundwater and rivers and also in the air.

By cultivating organically, we avoid these and other problems. By doing so, we contribute to preserve essential nutrients and to have cure of natural resources.

The final product:

If we discard the use of chemicals and bet on natural extracts and ecological and residue-free live microorganisms we will achieve a final product of excellent quality since the plant, throughout its life cycle, has been treated with respect.

We are all equal:

We must remember that every movement and action of man must have a reason for being. Each and every living being deserves to be treated well, cannabis is no exception.

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