OG Kush Express

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Description of OG Kush Express:

OG Kush Express is a fast flowering version of OG Kush SFV. For its elaboration, a female of the California variety was crossed with the Hash Plant male, giving it a high speed of flowering and increasing its production. Approximately 50/55 days of flowering, we will obtain dark and hard flowers with aromas of fuel oil with some earthy touches that come from its Hashplant legacy. Outdoors it will be possible to harvest the first 10 days of September even a little earlier. For the feminized version, homogeneity is what has been sought and the phenotypes are closer to those of the original OG Kush. You can find specimens with light bluish tones, which Is also a legacy of their father HashPlant.

In 2016, this variety worked on again in order to expand its aromas and resin production, which is now much higher.

OG Kush Express is a plant with very high potency, and therefore not suitable for consumers with a low tolerance. Recommended for medical uses due to its sedative and narcotic effect with which we can combat chronic pain or sleep disorders.


Winner of different Cannabis Cups.


Features of OG Kush Express:

  • * Parental: OG Kush SFV x HashPlant
  • * Type: Indica-dominant hybrid.
  • * Sex: feminized seeds. Only females.
  • * Flowering times: 50/55 days indoors. Harvest in early September outdoors.
  • * Production: Very high. About 600 g / m2 indoors and about 800/1000 outdoors.
  • * Effect: Very powerful. Narcotic and sedative. Medicinal variety.
  • * Flavour: fuel oil, wet earth.


Indicated for insomnia, stress or chronic pain, it is also a good appetite stimulant.


The Regular: 


Og Kush Express regular is the own version of the famous OG Kush from California. The OG Kush SFV is without any doubt one of the most powerful plants that we have had the pleasure of being able to test, it has a very particular flavour that is sought for more experienced growers.

To connect this variety, the female Og Kush has been crossed with a very stable and aromatic Afghan male looking for genetic stability as well as resistance. Some OG Kush’s signature flavour and original potency have also been preserved. OG Kush Express is faster to flower and more productive than her female parent, finishing her explosive bloom in about 50/60 days indoors and early / mid-September outdoors.

In the regular seeds, they will show a special variety of phenotypes with bluish/purple tones and more variable flavours between the earthy sweetness of the father Hash Plant and the fuel oil of the OG Kush. It will also have purple pistils thanks to the father HashPlant. This gives us a good genetic pool for the cannabis grower, in which to find an Og kush with purple tones.

Additionally to its peculiar palate, OG Kush Express stands out for its strong, very narcotic and relaxing effect. Og kush is being used as a medicine for many of the therapeutic users throughout California.

Indicated for insomnia, stress, or chronic pain, it is also a good appetite stimulant.


Characteristics of the variety:


  • Parental: OG Kush SFV x HashPlant Tulipán.
  • Type: indica hybrid.
  • Sex: regular seeds. Also available in a feminized version.
  • Flowering times: 50/60 days indoors and September outdoors.
  • Production: very high.
  • Power: very high.
  • Taste/aromas: earthy with hints of diesel, citrus and a somewhat sweet undertone in some specimens.
  • Medical variety: Yes. Pain, stress, insomnia. Relaxing and narcotic. Very powerful.