ASB Hig Mass

Type: Feminized

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Description of the ASB Hig Mass:

ASB Hig Mass is a Giant Autoflowering that, like High Ryder, can reach more than 2 meters in height in optimal conditions. It is based on Critical Mass genetics and is sweet, fruity and very pleasant to consume. The effect is balanced between physical and cerebral, although mostly Sativa and somewhat milder than High Ryder.

The High Mass is the predecessor of the Ryder, so it is 4th generation.

These plants will grow with great vigor and strength from the beginning, and can be transplanted if necessary or we want to control their height. Sown in the month of April, they will show themselves in all their splendor with harvests equal to those of photo-dependent plants.

For indoor cultivation put them directly at 12/12 as they will reach sizes that will complicate the cultivation and it will be very difficult for us to control them. In its cultivation in mother earth, the largest and highest-producing specimens will be obtained, but it is also possible that the cycle will lengthen a bit. It is important to say, that the following must be taken into account; the larger the plants, the higher the production and also a somewhat longer cycle in most cases, although not always.

The total cycle from germination to harvest will be approximately 100/120 days for plants capable of producing more than 500 grams / plant.

Variety revised and improved in 2016/2017 by our breeders. The formation of flowers is improved, which is now more solid and the fruity aroma increases.




  • Genetics: Critical Mass (Clone Bilbo) A.S.B x High Ryder ASB
  • Type: 60% sativa – 40% indica
  • Harvest outdoors: 100/120 days
  • Harvest indoors: it cannot be grown indoors.
  • Height: from 1 to 2.5 meters depending on sowing date, cultivation method and climate. Variable
  • Productions: up to 500 grams per plant. Variable. Very high.
  • Medium power.
  • Flavor / Aroma: fruity, very sweet. Creamy.