AUTO Blue Kush 99

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Description of the AUTO Blue Kush 99:

AUTO Blue Kush ’99 Autoflowering, is the result 2 genetics of the so-called “purple or purple” have been joined, namely MBC’99 and a PCK Auto (Pakistan Chitral Kush auto) from one of the great national banks such as Tropical Seeds Co.

This plant, in about 90% of the cases, will show us beautiful purple tones that with the help of a little cold, become practically black. AUTO Blue Kush 99 is an autoflowering that consists of almost of 100% indica. A mainly physical effect, making it a good strain to use at night or to relax.

 About 70 days from sowing to harvest, we will obtain plants of about 80/130 cm in height and with medium / high productions for this type of genetics.

The plant grows compactly, but it also forms good side branches that will give it greater performance both indoors and outdoors. Note that the flavours and aromas are pleasant with earthy, sweet notes and a spicy aftertaste. It is also a good producer of resin that will shine on the dark flowers of this variety.


General characteristics:


* Parental: MBC’99 x PCK Auto.

* Genetics: 100% indica.

* Sex: feminized autoflowering seeds.

* Complete cycle: 70 days from germination to harvest.

* Production: medium / high. Indoors 400/450 grs m2 and 30/100 grs per plant outdoors depending on sowing time and cultivation method.

* Flavor / aromas: Complex flavor with hints of humid earth, somewhat spicy and sweet. Kush.

* Power / effect: Physical and relaxing effect. Good variety to consume at night.