ASB Sour Ryder (Giant Autofloweing )

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Description of ASB Sour Ryder:

ASB Sour Ryder S1 has taken a step further in the development of ASB Giants Autoflowering. It is presented on the cannabis scene as the first S1 auto-flowering on the market. With this new working method, the desired traits such as flavor, its total cycle or production can be set, thus making the plants more stable and similar to each other.

The plant grows vigorously and strongly, easily reaching between 1.20 and 2 meters in height (depending on the time of sowing and cultivation method) and yields that in many cases exceed 500 grams per plant. Due to its size and total cycle, it is recommended that in indoor crops put directly at 12/12 to avoid height problems.

For its creation, we crossed the famous High Ryder ASB for a few generations with a top quality Sour Diesel from our genetic bank, obtaining plants with a very marked Diesel / fuel oil flavor and with some slightly sweeter and citrus specimens, a legacy of their father High Ryder.


Characteristics of the variety:


  • Parental: Sour Diesel ASB x High Ryder ASB
  • Genetics: 75% sativa – 25% indica.
  • Total cycle from germination to harvest: 100/120 days.
  • Production: Very high. Up to 500/600 grams per plant.
  • Flavors / aromas: Diesel with sweet touches. Some specimens with more citrus notes.
  • Power: High. Giant high potency autoflowering. Comparable to High Ryder.
  • Height: depending on the month of sowing and cultivation form between 1.2 and 2 meters high, even more.

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