Foliar application

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Features of Alliumprot:

ALLIUMPROT is a substance based on organic matter, garlic extract and other plant extracts, it is also a natural, ecological and biodegradable product of botanical origin.

It has antibiotic and vitamin properties.


ALLIUMPROT has a form of action defined by five effects:

Repellent, pheromone masking (confusion), anti-food effect, effect on the nervous system, nutritive (for the plant).

Effects and Applications:

ALLIUMPROT is also used as a highly effective animal repellent (birds, cats, dogs, rabbits …) without any toxic effect on them. The product is free of toxicity and residues. Valid for outdoor, indoor and greenhouse crops. It does not affect the smell, taste of the final product, stop applying 15 days before harvesting in resin-producing plants. Recommended for organic crops and integrated control.

Dosage of Alliumprot:

Foliar application: 2-6 ml / L every 15-20 days. (Preventive)

5-6 ml / L every 10-15 days. (Normal)


National free sale fertilizer is Spain

Product suitable for Organic Agriculture (Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007).


Keep out of the reach of children and away from food, drink and animal feed. Do not eat. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. The composition, formulation and content are guaranteed. In case of accident or illness, see a doctor immediately. National Institute of Toxicology, Tel: 915628469. Do not store in places with high temperatures.