What is Damping Off?

What is Damping Off?

The Damping Off disease is caused by pathogenic fungi of the genus Phytium which are found, in most cases, in cannabis seedlings and cuttings.

Damping-off is caused by excess moisture in the soil.

Post-emergence symptoms are characterized by drooping seedlings, necrotic cotyledons, necrotic, affected or non-existent roots, lesions at the base of the stem, and affected growth. This condition can prevail even when the seedling already has true leaves, but will still affect its development.


– The seed dies before creating the first green shoots.

– The trunk of the seedling or cutting rots, bending to death.


– Application of Antioxprot on the trunk of the seedling or cutting with the help of a brush.

– In an adult plant, apply Mycoprot in transplant and Bio 16 Trifag in irrigation every 15 days during the whole cycle of the plant.

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