AUTO Northern Light

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Description of the AUTO Northern Light:

Discover the AUTO Northern Light. With this incredible variety we present the 3rd work of the “Auto Classic Line” short cycle autoflowering range that takes only 65/70 days from germination to harvest. Compact and discreet plants with very fast flowering, ideal for balconies, terraces or indoor crops.

Northern Lights Auto is the most indica of the company’s autoflowering strains, taking 2 months. With an indica character and a mainly relaxing and narcotic effect, it is an ideal variety to be consumed at night.

They form plants that easily reach 100/120 cm and productions of between 60 and 100 grams depending on the type of crop and planting time.

Northern Lights Auto is a very good resin producer. The plant will be completely covered with it. The flavors and aromas are pleasant and well marked, being an autoflowering that will please both beginners (because of its easy cultivation) and the most veteran for its strong relaxing effect.



  • Genetics: Northern LIght Autoflowering.
  • Type: mainly indica hybrid.
  • Sex: feminized seeds.
  • Cycle from germination to harvest: 65/70 days.
  • Height: 70/120 cms depending on the shape and type of crop.
  • Production: from 30 to 100 grams per plant depending on the time of year and cultivation method.
  • Flavour / aromas: sweet.
  • Effect: relaxing.