AUTO Og Kush Express

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Descripción de la AUTO Og Kush Express:

We present to you the fabulous new seeds of the “Auto Classic Line” OG Kush Express Auto which is the auto-flowering version of our own OG Kush Express. The seeds of this variety are fast-growing as week as flowering and have managed to keep some diesel and earthy flavour of our OG, as well as a slightly sweeter touch. Maintaining good potency, which is the calling card of any hybrid that carries the line of the OG Kush.

Xtreme Seeds presented the OG Kush Express in 2012 when hardly any Spanish bank had it in their catalogue. The company saw that this genetics, coming from the United States together with Bubba Kush (which they also have), would be very popular in a short time throughout Europe. Six years later, Xtreme Seeds launches this new variety!

These highly adaptable plants respond well to any form of cultivation. They will reach between 80 and 150 cm in the best conditions and the productions will be around 40 to 125 grams per plant or 500 per m2 in indoor crops.

Of all the auto-flowering plants of the company, this is possibly the most narcotic and relaxing, with the greatest therapeutic possibilities. If we talk about anxieties, pain, or sleep problems. In its consumption, the effect is social, physical, and without the extreme heaviness of his mother and with a part perhaps more cheerful and relaxed feeling.


General characteristics of the variety:


* Genetics: OG Kush Express autoflowering.

* Type: feminized autoflowering seeds.

* Cycles: from germination to harvest in about 70 days, both indoors and outdoors.

* Production: medium / high. Between 40/125 grs plant or 500/550 grs m2 indoors.

* Flavor / aromas: diesel, wet earth, sweet notes.

* Power: high.

* Effect: relaxing. Physical.