Regulation of root disease, damping off.

Foliar and Root Nutrients

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Characteristics of Antioxiprot:

Antioxiprot is a nutritional complex that, like Phytoptora parasitica, Verticilium, Fusarium etc., prevents the stem, root and neck rot. Applying the product to flooded soils, excessive irrigation and heavy rain is recommended.

Foliar Application:

Wetting the stem, branches and neck from 2 to 5ml / L. For cuttings and seedlings: 2 to 3 ml / L. If brown / black circular spots on the branches and stem are diagnosed or if signs of Damping Off (rot on the stem of seedlings and cuttings) are observed, dilute to 10 ml / L and apply to the affected part with a brush.

Application for irrigation:

1.5 – 2.5 ml per plant, irrespective of the litres of water used for irrigation. 2 – 2.5 ml / L. In seedlings or cuttings: The PH has to be 6.5 / 7.5. In all cases, wet the neck of the plant well when applying the product. Depending on the desired effect, it is recommended to use ANTIOXPROT every 15 – 30 days. 1.5 ml – 2 ml / L.

Apply at 10-15 day intervals. Wet all the organs well.

Combinations of Antioxiprot:

Both products should be combined with the doses indicated on the label in the same application and it is recommended that there be no more than 2 products at the same time. Copper, sulphur and/or alkaline materials should not be combined with them.


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Keep out of children’s reach and away from food, drink and animal feed. You don’t eat. Avoid skin and eye contact. It guarantees the composition, formulation and material. See a doctor immediately in the event of an accident or sickness. The State Toxicology Institute. Phone: 915628469. Do not store in high-temperature locations.