Mobet is a natural product. It is a potassium solution, which constitutes a nutritional source of potassium for crops.

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Description of Mobet:

Use of Mobet: Foliar


Thanks to its formulation, the absorption, and assimilation of Potassium is facilitated. Its application improves the quality and general appearance of the treated crops.

It is used as a Nutriprotector. It provides potassium as a nutrient and invigorates the plant to mitigate the damage caused by different adverse factors. Not only that, but it also acts as a foliar surface cleaner.

Dosage and application:

Foliar application: From 3 to 10 ml / L. Carry out treatments every 10-15 days in a preventive way, wetting the entire plant, including flowers and undersides of the leaves, in hours of low light and avoiding high temperatures.

Do not apply with sulphur, copper or chelated metals.

* Most Prot-eco products can be combined with each other, depending on the need at the time.

Mobet + Pyrethrin Plus / Bio-Neem / CinnaProt. It will act as a coadjuvant, making the second product stay longer in the plant. 

Security term:

Stop applying Mobet 10 to 15 days before harvest.


(Royal Decree 506/2014, on fertilizer products)



The composition, formulation and content are guaranteed. The user will be responsible for damages caused such as lack of efficacy, toxicity in general, residues, etc. For total or partial non-observance of the instructions on this label. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately. National Institute of Toxicology: 915628469.