Vegetable oil. Foliar application

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Features of Essencialprot:

Essencialprot is a natural product derived from citrus essential oils and other plant extracts. It acts as a coadjuvant in the treatments

Effects of Essencialprot:

Adjuvant helps pesticides to enter hard-to-reach places on the plant. It disperses the waxy secretions of plants, which are a true physical barrier to pesticide treatments and increases their persistence. It prevents moisture condensation on top of the leaf (avoids dripping), 


Cinnaprot with Esencialprot. In this case we will apply Cinnaprot first, and after 2, 3 days Esencialprot. The same process should be repeated after 7-10 days. 

Applications of Essencialprot:

Apply ESENCIALPROT 4 to 8 days after applying CINNAPROT.


Foliar application: 1.5 ml / L of water in treatments with vegetation.

Do not increase the dose at high temperatures. Do not mix with acid or alkaline reaction products, do not mix with sulphur, copper, or other chelated metal products. It is not toxic, it does not produce waste.


Product suitable for Organic Agriculture (Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007).

National fertilizer for free sale in Spain.


Keep out of the reach of children and away from food, drink, and animal feed. In case of accident or discomfort, seek medical advice immediately. National Institute of Toxicology: 91628469