AUTO Tangerine

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Description of the AUTO Tangerine:

Tangerine Auto is the newest 4th generation autoflowering based on Tangie genetics. Medium and discreet plants. They reach sizes of between 80 and 110 cm depending on the time of sowing and form of cultivation.

Tangerine Auto produces plants loaded with dark flowers and a lot of resin, the kind that customers like so much. The effect is balanced between physical and cerebral and long lasting.

In addition to the marked tangerine and citrus flavor, this variety will be liked by its easy cultivation and speed of flowering. From germination to harvest, the total cycle will be about 65/70 days both indoors and outdoors.

Due to its compact and small size and its speed of flowering, it is a variety that performs well both in crops under artificial lights and outdoors where we can make several harvests in the same year. It is also more suitable for outdoor crops on balconies, terraces or places where we need some discretion.

If you are looking for an autoflowering variety of the latest generation that offers levels of quality little seen until now, Tangerine Auto is without a doubt your variety.


  • Genetics: Tangerine x Tangie Autoflowering
  • Sex: feminized seeds.
  • Cycle from germination to harvest: 70/75 days.
  • Height: from 70 to 90 cms.
  • Production: 40 to 100 grams depending on the time of sowing and cultivation method.
  • Flavor / aromas: citrus flavors of mandarins and oranges.