Against the effects caused by powdery mildew fungi

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Features of Oidioprot:

OIDIOPROT is a mixture of nutrients and microflora growth factors extracted from specific microorganisms which prevent the fungus from developing. The substance is nontoxic and residue-free.

Applications of Oidioprot:

– Outdoor cultivation: 2 applications within 3-5 days at a dose of 5 gr per L. It is then advised to proceed with OIDIOPROT curative/preventive therapy every 10-15 days and to stop applying it no later than 10 days before harvesting, as the product would have already biodegraded depending on the weather (rain, etc).

– Indoor or greenhouse crops: in case of extreme attacks, two OIDIOPROT applications with an interval of 6-7 days should be performed at a dose of 5 gr per L, if the plant is very tender (cuttings, seedlings) it is recommended to reduce the dose to 4 gr / L. Then, depending on the magnitude of the powdery mildew attack, proceed with curative / preventive applications every 10-15 days.Stop applying 15 days before harvesting as the product will have already biodegraded in complete safety. Avoid applying the product in hours of high temperatures and light, it could cause a burn on tender leaves. Make sure the plant is dry before lighting the lamps.

Combinations of Oidioprot with other products:

Both products should be combined with the doses indicated on the label in the same application and it is recommended that there be no more than 2 products at the same time. Copper, sulfur and / or alkaline materials should not be mixed.

In the case of Oidioprot, the desired effect can be reinforced when a serious infection is required, with the following combinations:

Powdery mildew + CinnaProt (Enhancing mixture against strong powdery mildew attacks).

OidioProt + EquiProt (Accelerates the drying process of the fungus).

Dosage of Oidioprot:

The intensity of the powdery mildew attack, nutritional status, etc… will be optimized according to Being natural every 10-15 days with 5 gr / L. Ph mix: approx. 7.5 / 8. OIDIOPROT is a particular control agent for Powdery Mildew which can be combined with the majority of phytosanitary biological products. An essential commodity for flowering treatments that leaves no residue.


National free-sale fertilizer in Spain. Compost with amino acids

Product suitable for Organic Agriculture (Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007).


Keep out of children’s reach and away from food, drink and animal feed. Stop skin and eye contact. Seek medical advice urgently in case of an accident or pain. Global Toxicology Institute: 915628469.