Descarga Total

100 ml Boxes of 12 units

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CHARACTERISTICS of Descarga Total:

Wide-spectrum acaricide insecticide made up of the highly active pyrethroid insecticides Cyphenothrin and D-Tetramethrin.

It is suitable for the control of insects and arachnids in small spaces (storage rooms, attics, etc.) or areas with difficult access. It is used to disinfect factories, premises, rooms, etc (silos, false ceilings, cameras, etc.). With a strong impact on expulsion, overturning, and death. Furthermore, it has a high diffusion capacity that allows its rapid expansion to enter inaccessible locations.

Fast-drying without stains or sticky residue. He doesn’t smell it.


Spraying of the pure product by means of a total discharge valve, in the absence of people and/or domestic animals.

Place in the center of the room to be disinfected something elevated from the floor. Release the gas and leave the room immediately.

We advise to open all the spaces of the room, closets and drawers so that the product acts in all the corners.

If we have more than one room or room to disinfect:

We must do it simultaneously to avoid that the insects pass from one room to another and the plague reappears.

Keep the space closed for 8 to 24 hours for the product to take effect.

After this time, ventilate well for 10 to 15 minutes.

Do not spray on food.

In cases of severe infection, up to 3 applications can be made within 15 days.

It is effective against all types of flying or crawling insects.

DOSAGE of Descarga Total:


Pure Use

1 can is valid to disinsect 60 m3

REGISTRATION: 1-30-05878
COMPOSITION: Cyphenothrin 0.40%, D-Tetramethrin 0.40%.
FORMULATION: Aerosol total discharge
Storage Conditions:

Protect from light, humidity and temperature. Store the product in its original container.

After 3 years from the date of manufacture the product may gradually reduce its effectiveness.

According to Royal Decree 1381/2009 on aerosol generators.


REGISTRATION: 1-30-05878



Cyphenothrin 0.40%, D-Tetramethrin 0.40%


Total discharge aerosol