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Description of the BLACK RYDER ’98 ASB:

The BLACK RYDER ’98 ASB  is the first giant auto-flowering mainly indica type. To get this fabulous plant, the Black Domina ’98, which stands out for its its great flavor, power and stability, was crossed on the one hand, with High Ryder ASB for several generations looking for the most indica specimens. The end result are plants with an indica character, producing dark and solid flowers with an excellent amount of resin.

The  Black Ryder ASB will reach a size of between 1 and 2.5 meters (depending on sowing time and cultivation method it can be variable) and the production will be around 150-400 grams per plant in outdoor crops. In indoor crops, it will be difficult to grow, due to the enormous size, like the rest of the Auto Super Big (ASB) family.

It has a very interesting, physical, and relaxing effect with flavours that range between sweet, as well as spicy with floral touches. Therefore, its palate is complex and very pleasant, reminiscent of its original mother.

It is considered that the total cycle from germination to harvest will be 90 days. Xtreme Seeds has worked in recent years to reduce the total cycle of giant autoflowering plants, narrowing it down to a month shorter. And even so, the sizes and productions, as well as the quality, have been maintained, even improved especially on the production of resin.


General characteristics:


  • Parental: Black Domina ’98 x High Ryder ASB
  • Type: Autoflowering Gigante feminized. 80% indica / 20% sativa.
  • Complete cycle: 90 days.
  • Size: Between 1 and 2.5 meters depending on the moment and form of cultivation.
  • Production: From 100 to 400 grams per plant outdoors.
  • Effect: Physical and narcotic although without leaving you lying down.
  • Medicinal: Yes. It can be used to relieve sleep problems, pain, or anxiety.