Prot-eco culture table. Excellent mixtures. 2

Prot-eco culture table. Excellent mixtures. 2

Prot-eco culture table:

Presenting the Prot-eco culture tableIn the first article on product mixtures, we showed you how Kenpyr works with Sabonprot for the control of most insects.

Next, we show you the union of Oidioprot with Cinnaprot for the attack of powdery mildew fungus in an advanced stage.

As you might know, Oidioprot works alone in most cases where powdery mildew has been detected. However, by mixing it with Cinnaprot, the fungus in question is eradicated faster and harder.

  • Oidioprot: Extract of selected microorganisms that act by preventing the fungus from developing.
  • Cinnaprot: Formulated against the attack of red spider mites and spider mites that acts by contact weakening the insect’s exoskeleton.

In crop trials, the active principles of Cinnaprot help to stop the development of the fungus in a mixture with Oidioprot.

In the near future we will continue to help growers to get the most out of prot-eco products.

You can consult the table for each case.


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