Prot-eco cultivation table. Excellent mixtures.1

Prot-eco cultivation table. Excellent mixtures.1

Organic products against pests and diseases act on the insect, fungus or on the plant itself depending on the desired objective.

For example, Urtiprot (Nettle extract) acts on the plant, fortifying it and making it better able to defend itself against insect attacks.

On the other hand, Cinnaprot (Cinnamon extract among others) acts by contact, weakening the insect’s skeleton, in this case, that of the mites.

At Prot-eco we have designed the Product Mixing Table to make it easier for the grower to apply products that, when mixed together, help each other, either because one enhances the effect of the other or because the two mixed together act in different ways, accelerating the disappearance of the pest.

The most important mixtures are listed in the table below with a brief explanation of the action of the products.

Kenpyr: natural pyrethrins that act by contact against all types of soft-shelled insects.

SabonProt: Soft soap that acts by cleaning the remains of insects and molasses and helps the permanence of the product in the mixture.

Kenpyr + Sabonprot: We will make the final product last longer on the plant, helping it to penetrate the most difficult parts. In this way, Kenpyr will have more time to act and get rid of the pest.

We will continue quoting each of the mixtures in our blog so that the grower has the maximum information on the combinations of the products.

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