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Description of the Hemp Spaghetti:

The product Hemp Spaghetti comes in a 500gr packaging.

Canapè is a modern project based on the ancient knowledge of the properties of hemp. These products come from high-quality seeds, cultivated in the heart of the National Park D’Abruzzo (Italy). All Canapè products are handmade. Canapé pasta is rich in all the natural properties of hemp, which are good for your health. It also contains 12% hemp flour, which gives it a unique taste and texture. It is left to dry at low temperature for 26 hours according to the Abruzzo tradition for its production. This process gives the pasta the porosity and structure that allows it to absorb the sauces perfectly.

Important: Contains gluten

These pasta are compatible with vegan diets, as they do not contain eggs or other animal materials. Therefore, they are made from a simple recipe composed of wheat flour, 12% hemp flour and water. This spaghetti has good resistance to cooking and easily absorbs sauces, such as marijuana pesto, as it is pressed in bronze moulds and then dried for 14 hours to obtain an optimal texture and porosity.

Characteristics of Canapè old-fashioned spaghetti:

  • Vegetable pasta with hemp flour.
  • 500 gr.
  • Ingredients: wheat semolina, hemp flour (12%), water.
  • Made with a bronze mould.
  • Slow drying of 14 hours for an optimal texture.