CANNABIOS Balm 50 ml

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Description of the Cannabios Balm 50 ml:

The incredible Cannabios Balm 50 ml, is a natural hemp balm made out from vegetable materials. It is very complete in terms of qualities and properties.

 It should be noted that it is suitable, among other uses, for the treatment of various problems such as injuries, cuts, burns, scratches, or irritated skin. The balm will help to soothe, calm and protect the treated areas, besides it will be a great regenerator of damaged skin, caring and protecting it against undesirable external agents.

 Like all products this one is natural, so it is made without preservatives, dyes, or added perfumes, Cannabios Balm Mint, Lemon & Lavender is a product from sustainable and organic farming.



Suitable for topical use.

 Apply to the affected area after cleansing, with a gentle massage, two or three times a day, according to your needs.