Rust. Characteristics and solutions

Rust. Characteristics and solutions


Rust is a disease caused by fungi of the Puccini and Melampsora type. This disease can manifest itself both in indoor and outdoor cultivation.

It usually appears in spring and autumn when these have been considerably rainy causing serious damage, and especially in the last weeks of flowering.

This penetrates the cuticle and epidermis of the plant spreading rapidly.


In most cases, it attacks the leaves, but sometimes it can also be found on the stems. The colors to identify it are basically 3. Yellow, orange or reddish tones.

The disease develops from bottom to top.

How to combat it:

Rust can be prevented with the most commonly used biological products against foliar fungal diseases.

Once the rust is already installed, it will require the application of Copperprot, a product indicated for the control of Rust, Alternaria, Monilia, Repilo, etc.


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