Verticillium and Fusarium

Verticillium and Fusarium

Introducing Verticillium and Fusarium:

Both Verticillium and Fusarium fungi appear in waterlogged or poorly drained soils, which weakens the proper functioning of the plant’s roots. These pathogenic fungi affect the vascular tissue of the plant causing a brownish-greyish coating on the part of the stem that is directly in contact with the soil.

Unlike Verticillium, the Fusarium fungus tends to spread in the middle and upper part of the stem.


  • Yellowing lower leaves.
  • Wilting of green leaves
  • Lower and upper stems grayish-brown.

Solutions and Applications: Apply Bio 16 Trifag in irrigation from the first week after germination.

The following applications should be made at each transplant and every 30 days after the final transplant.

Treat the roots with Antioxiprot in irrigation in order to control pathogenic fungi.

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