Gibberellic Acid

Gibberellic Acid

What is Gibbrellic Acid?

Gibberellic acid is a phytohormone found in plants and was identified in Japan in 1935 as a metabolic by-product.

The effects of gibberellins in plants are:

– Stimulate stem growth.

– Induce mitotic divisions in the leaves of some species.

– Increasing the number of germination in seeds.

– To increase production.


Treatment in Cannabis-Marihuana:

In cannabis cultivation gibberellic acid is used to achieve higher productivity in both flowers (buds) and resin (trichomes).


GA Special spray by No Mercy Supply should be used on healthy female plants and is best applied before lights out.

They should be sprayed well above the leaves 23-26 days after the start of flowering or 23-26 days after switching to 12 hours of light.

Some pure Sativa strains may show a tendency to hermaphroditism.

One bottle of GA-Special spray is sufficient to treat 125 to 150 plants.

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