Mealybug in cannabis marijuana cultivation

Mealybug in cannabis marijuana cultivation

What is the mealybug?

The mealybug pest is mainly found in outdoor or greenhouse crops.

The mealybug feeds on the sap of the plant sucked by a small beak, which causes the plant to weaken considerably.

High temperatures help the development of the insect, which will mainly settle on the trunk and stems of the plant.

The best-known varieties are:

– Cottony mealybug

– Grooved mealybug

– Brown Mealybug. (the most common in cannabis cultivation)

We will detect its presence usually with the naked eye, by the color of the yellowed or deformed leaves, or also by the shine on the leaves caused by honeydew (it can also be aphid or white fly).

How to combat mealybugs:

One of the best predators is the ladybug. On the other hand, the ants will try to prevent the mealybug from being attacked because they feed on its honeydew.

As an ecological remedy, natural pyrethrins such as Kenpyr are one of the best options to kill the pest. When mixed or applied a few days later, Sabonprot (potassium soap) will kill the remains that may have been left and will clean the honeydew caused by mealybugs or other insects.


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