Treatment with Oidioprot. Maximum performance

Treatment with Oidioprot. Maximum performance

Oidioprot (EM)

Solid biostimulant composed of amino acids and plant extracts obtained through a controlled fermentation process.

Oidioprot is non-toxic and leaves no residues. It can be discontinued a few days before harvest.


Important qualities to highlight:

Modifies humidity conditions by stopping the development of powdery mildew fungus and regenerating the affected leaf tissue.

Saves plant energy thanks to the amino acids contained in the product.

Activation of the immune system.


When should the treatment be started?

Oidioprot can be applied as a preventative when conditions for the establishment and development of the fungus are favourable.

The treatment for powdery mildew control should be carried out at intervals of 10 to 15 days, and in case the fungus is considered to be increasing, reduce the interval from 5 to 10 days.

In case the powdery mildew fungus has reached an important part of the plant and conditions are favourable for its development, Oidioprot should be mixed with Cinnaprot to reinforce the attack for total control of the fungus.


Important points of the application with Oidioprot

Since Oidioprot is presented as a wettable powder, its dissolution and mixing with water will be a little slower. To ensure a successful treatment, it is recommended that the following steps be taken into account;

Leave for 20 – 30 minutes the total amount of product necessary to mix with the water for treatment. This will achieve a better homogeneity and avoid too much or too little product is concentrated in the final application.

PH: In case the result is not as expected, it is advisable to regulate the ph of the mixture to values of 7.5-8.

Any treatment with Oidioprot should be done when the plant is completely dry, during low light hours outdoors and 2 hours before lighting lamps indoors.

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