Sensi Star seeds

CBD: 8%

THC: 7%

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Description of the Sensi Star seeds:

The legendary Sensi Star seeds variety is an incredible indica, introduced in 1995 and winner of several awards.

The CBD Botanic variety is a hybrid where the Indica part predominates. It is very resistant to different types of pests and diseases.

Its terpenoid profile suggests tastes ranging from a touch of earthy to sweet. More importantly, it stands out for being a plant that goes unnoticed by nosy neighbors.

Its effect is relaxing, and it is a very good candidate to make different extracts, as much of flowers as of leaves.

This variety maintains a balance between THC and CBD.



It has a fast growth in indoor crops, and very robust and ideal for the “Sea Of Green” system. Its internodes are short and the trunk is very robust.

In outdoor crops, it also has fast growth and its internodes are short. It grows in the shape of a fir tree and can reach a height of around 1.80 meters or even more. Good staking will ensure that the branches do not break due to the weight of the flowers.

If it is planted in a greenhouse it will be better to plant later than normal, its short internodes make it strong to support the very compact flowers and full of trichomes both in the flower and in the leaves near it. 

It is advisable to control the greenhouse climate well.