Organic hemp balm

Bottles of 50 ML

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Description of Organic hemp balm:

The natural Organic hemp balm has been elaborated from vegetable materials and is suitable for the treatment of different skin pathologies.

There is a special synergy between natural ingredients that compose it, where we find a mixture of olive and hemp oils, which, together with the essential oil of rosemary, the natural extract CC + (Cannabinoid Complex plus) extracted from the hemp plant, and the contribution of essential acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 and countless antioxidants, will nourish and protect the dermis in an exceptional way. It offers benefits and properties especially antiseptic, moisturizing, regenerating and nourishing.

It is especially recommended for the treatment of calluses and corns on heels and feet, as well as for warts, atopic skin, dermatitis and acne among other conditions. Therefore, it makes it easier for damaged skin cells to fall off, thus preventing pores from clogging, allowing early recovery and regeneration of the skin in the treated areas.

Made with no added preservatives, dyes or perfumes. We love Cannabios Salicylic Acid Balm because it is a product comming from sustainable and organic farming.