Mini Grow Kit

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Description of the Mini Grow Kit:

The Mini Grow Kit contains a biodegradable pot, substrate, seed bomb of choice, mulching (straw mulch) and identification flag.

  • Varieties of seed bombs contained: 1 to choose.
  • Bag measures: 12×23,5×5 (cm).
  • Pot measures: 6x6x6 (cm).
  • Weight: 60 gr.

Includes instruction sheet.












Prot-eco is a line of professional products for the first time in containers intended for small-scale cultivation. We offer a wide range of biological products (residue 0) against the different pests, deficiencies and diseases of plants with maximum quality and efficiency, making it possible that most of them can be used in combination since they do not pose an aggression for the plant and they are compatible with each other.