Jack Herer CBD Seeds

Jack Herer CBD Seeds

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Description of the Jack Herer CBD Seeds:

Jack Herer CBD Seeds is a variety characterized by its low THC percentages, long tails, and giant buds. The meticulous genetic selection work carried out jointly by the Mystery Seeds team and TUYERBA takes it to the next level in quality by keeping the THC percentages low. Moreover, thanks to the selection, you will be able to grow this variety within the legal framework in most European Countries.

The Jack Herer variety was the third generation of genetics available under the Tuyerba brand in 2018 when the work of selection and reproduction of European certified hemp plants began.

JACK HERER ´19 is an S1 backcross of one of Italy’s original hemp varieties, the Carmagnola. The meticulous selection and the correct crosses gave rise to this feminized variety that we are sure will continue to talk about, this time in its version of feminized seeds.


JACK HERER offers a high content of CBD without any psychoactive effect. Its plants produce compact and resin-rich flowers while maintaining THC levels below 0.4%, while
that CBD levels can vary between 10 and 12%, reaching a stable ratio of 1/24.



JACK HERER ´19 produces long flower-laden tails that will take your production to the next level. Plants grown indoors provide up to 550g / m² after 7 weeks of flowering. Outdoors, this variety produces yields of about 750g / plant and can reach 300cm in height. Get ready to harvest your plants in late October.