ASB High Ryder Original

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Description of the ASB High Ryder Original:

We present the ASB High Ryder Original; Finally, the day has come to give an end to the small autoflowering plants. Xtreme Seeds has been working with the new giant A.S.B autoflowers for years to get plants that were previously impossible to grow. High Ryder is the biggest, most productive and most potent giant Autoflower of all. Its yields, flavor and effect are comparable to those of photo-dependent plants, surpassing their performance in many cases.

For the creation of this one, an Amnesia Haze ASB was crossed with a Haze ASB. Plants that reach between 1 and 2.5 meters, depending on the time of sowing and form of cultivation. Incense and metallic Haze flavors with hints of lemon citrus.

These plants are long-cycle, that is, their complete cycle from germination to harvest will be between 100 and 120 days and are ideal for at least 2 or 3 harvests a year in high-yield outdoor areas. Some breeders have commented that they have obtained specimens that exceeded 1000 grams per plant, yes, with a somewhat higher cycle, since the larger the plant, the greater its final total cycle.

When consumed, it is not possible to identify it as an auto-flowering plant, since the ruderalis traits have disappeared in this 5th generation. The effect is possibly the most powerful of all the autoflowers we know of.




  • Parental: Amensia Haze ASB x Haze ASB
  • Type: mainly sativa hybrid.
  • Sex: feminized seeds. Only females.
  • Total cycle from germination to harvest: 100/120 days.
  • Height: from 1.2 meters to 2.5 meters
  • Production: from 200 grams / plant to more than 500 grams / plant.
  • Taste: incense, metallic, citrus.
  • Effect: High. Powerful and balanced between cerebral and physical.