Grow Sensation

A big boost for excellent growth.

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Description of the Grow Sensation:

Our product GROW SENSATION ensures an incredible growth in crops during the vegetative period. This period is very important since the plant must be nourished with all the elements it needs to grow without any problem. From the moment the leaves sprout until it begins to photosynthesize.  This will give the crop an excellent base that will lead to a good harvest. 

This is a product especially suitable for use in cultivation methods in which the growing period is kept short. Although for those with longer periods the product will also provide amazing results.


Use GROW SENSATION in a ratio of 1:2000, 50 ml to 100 liters. After adding the product adjust the EC to the desired level with the base fertilizer. Then adjust the pH to the optimum value for the crop.

When flowering begins, stop using GROW SENSATION. When using a system that reuses drain water, it is necessary to renew the contents of the system. Its use during flowering and fruit formation will result in a stretching of the nodes, which is not desired.

After using this product it is recommended to use BLOOM SENSATION. This will ensure that the conditions of our harvest are optimal, obtaining the best possible result.


envase: 300-1000 ml