Gibberellic Acid Special Spray

It stimulates the growth of your plants.

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Description of the Gibberellic Acid Special Spray:

Gibberellic Acid Special Spray optimized for use in cannabis plants. It is not a hormonal preparation, it is a chemically produced acid that is totally safe. It stimulates the female hormones in the plant increasing the density in the flower and the resin production. The user will notice incredible improvements.  It should be applied only on healthy plants, and only during the indicated flowering period. For indoor plants, the change from the first to the second flowering is the best time for treatment.

  • Stimulates the growth of your plants.

We do not advise its application on pure Sativa varieties.


Do not dilute the product. Spray the leaves of the plant well. Apply 23 to 26 days after flowering.


envase: 100-250 ml