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1 Roots + 1 Grow + 1 Bloom

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GetUp! Pack:

This is the Pack of GetUp! products.

It includes the following three products. Check the information of each product:

  • RootsProt
  • GrowProt
  • BloomProt


GetUp! Fertilizer Pack : Prot-eco presents its professional nutrition trypack GetUp! Fertilizer Pack. Three products that we have grouped in this format for your convenience.

Organic nutrition based on algae for the whole cycle of the plant.

Check the information of each product:

GetUp! Roots is a product of natural origin containing rhizogenic amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides, nitrogen, potassium and some microelements (manganese, zinc, boron and molybdenum) that are essential for all metabolic processes involved in plant development.


Product especially indicated to enhance root formation and emission and to regulate root growth both in cuttings and cuttings, as well as in seedlings, recently transplanted plants or in established crops.


GetUp! Roots can be applied to all types of crops, as it is a totally natural product of vegetable origin.


Fertigation application: 2-3 ml/L, apply 7-10 days after transplanting.

In Indoor continue applying at 2-day intervals every week.

In Outdoor apply during the months of June and July, the 3rd week of August and the second week of September.

PH: 5-6


Natural fertilizer product GetUp!Grow is a concentrate of marine algae of the species Ascophyllum nodossum.

It is involved in metabolic and biochemical processes that increase plant resistance to different environmental conditions. It promotes crop growth and advances seed growth.

Using GetUp!Grow increases crop yield and fruit ripening.

Enhances nutrient mobilization in vegetative organs. Improves root growth.

GetUp!Grow is a product that is totally free of impurities and heavy metals.


It can be applied by foliar or root application in all types of crops.


Foliar application: 0.5 g/L.
Root application: 1-3 g/L.

In Indoor apply from the 1st week to the 6th week every two days.

In Outdoor apply from the end of June to the end of August.


GetUp Bloom is a fertilizer product formulated with seaweed cream from Ascophyllumnodosum species. It contains amino acids, phytohormones (cytokinins, auxins, gibberellins) and other biostimulants (betaines, polyamines, vitamins, etc).

Rich in micronutrients (Molybdenum and Boron) although it also contains Potassium and Manganese.

Stimulates flowering, improves fertilization and pollen viability, producing an important increase in fruit set.

Improves fruit set and photosynthetic activity.

Increases the accumulation of reserves during the fattening stage.

Improves uniformity and quality of fruits (flowers).

Better resistance to environmental stress.

Recommended for use in all crops.

It is used in pre-sprouting or sprouting to help vegetative growth and during flowering, fruit set and fattening.

Foliar application: 1.5-3ml/L, wetting well the whole plant surface.
Root application: 5ml/L

In Indoor apply from the 6th to the 10th week at 2-day intervals.

In Outdoor apply from the 1st week of August to the 1st week of October.