GetUp! Bloom

Bottle of 250ml

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GetUp! Bloom is a fertilizer product formulated from seaweed cream from the Ascophyllumnodosum species. It contains amino acids, phytohormones (cytokinins, gibberellin auxins) and other biostimulants (betaines, polamines, vitamins, etc). Rich in micronutrients (Molybdenum and Boron) although it also has Potassium and Manganese content.


Stimulates flowering, improves fertilization and pollen viability, producing a significant increase in fruit set. Improves fruit set and photosynthetic activity. Increases the accumulation of reserves during the fattening stage. Improves the uniformity and quality of fruits (flowers). Better resistance to environmental stress.


The company limits its liability strictly to the composition, formulation, and content. The user will be responsible for the damages caused (lack of efficacy, general toxicity, residues… etc.) due to total or partial non-observance of the instructions on the label.

Do not exceed the appropriate doses.


It is a product compatible with most commonly used phytosanitary products. If in doubt, carry out a prior compatibility test or contact our Technical Department.


Store in a dry place, at temperatures between 15-25 ºC.


P101 If you need medical advice, have container or label at hand. P102 Keep out of the reach of children. P270 Do not eat, drink or smoke while using it.


Recommended in all crops. Use in pre-sprouting or sprouting to help vegetative growth and at times of flowering, fruit set and fattening.



  • Foliar application: 1,5-3ml / L Wetting the entire plant surface well.
  • Root application: 5ml / L
  • In Indoor, apply from the 6th to the 10th week in 2-day intervals.
  • In Outdoor Apply from the 1st week of August to the 1st of October.