Dark Chunk Regular

Dark Chunk Regular

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Description of the Dark Chunk Regular:

Dark Chunk Regular is a result of the collaboration between Xtreme Seeds and The Blue Stone Sanctuary, and the result is one of the most special new varieties. It does not stand out for its production, which is of average production, but for the best quality, and also its spectacular beauty that brings together the purple tones of both Shiva Blue and the Deep Chunk used in the crossing.

 The plant’s color is very dark green and with flowers and pistils that will show those beautiful tones. Moreover, its is covered with large amounts of resin, which will make it shine as if it was frozen.

 This 100% indica is compact in growth and will need a bit more vegetative time to reach an ideal height for indoor crops. In outdoor crops it behaves even better since the specimens will be able to grow and flourish without any limitations, obtaining high-quality crops and a large amount of resin, a legacy of its parent D.C.


The flavours and aromas perfectly combine both genetics with a more earthy and humid part with the spicy, and incense notes of DC.

  • Parental: Shiva Blue x Deep Chunk.
  • Genetics: 100% indica.
  • Harvest: 60 days. September.
  • Production: medium
  • Effect: Physical. Relaxing and sedative.
  • Aromas: mixture of DC, humid earth and kush.