D.Diesel seeds

CBD: 7%

THC: 6%

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Description of the D.Diesel seeds:

Introducing the D.Diesel seeds. This genetic, the famous Diseseltonic AKA (Spicy) is a hybrid that was created by the famous breeder and geneticist Freeman.

Recognized worldwide and winner of many awards in Holland and Spain.

This variety of CBD is a hybrid in which predominates its Indica part. It is very resistant to different types of pests and diseases.

 Its terpenoid profile suggests tastes ranging from a touch of pine to more lemony and sweet aromas. The effect is relaxing and a very good candidate for topical creams.

 This variety contains 50% of phenotypes of CBD and 50% THC.



 Easy to grow Indoor, with fast growth and a robust trunk. It is characterized by separated internodes and very aromatic flowers.

 The outdoor cultivation denotes the robustness of the plant, it has the shape of a fir tree that can reach between 1.60 and 1.80 meters high and can produce large flowers that we recommend tutoring well.

 If you plant it in a greenhouse it is recommended to plant it later than normal, as it has a strong aroma that multiplies more than normal, ventilation is very important, as mould problems can appear.


It is advisable to control the greenhouse climate well.