Against Red spider and other mites. Foliar Application.

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Features of Cinnaprot:

Cinnaprot is a substance, derived from natural extracts with a powerful auto-regenerative and antioxidant effect on the plant, apart from its high efficacy against effects caused by mites in general . Leaves no residues. Usable in organic crops .


Among the most notable properties of CINNAPROT are the activation and start up of the plant’s own defence mechanisms in stress situations (phytopathological, adverse weather conditions, etc.).

Applications Cinnaprot:

It will be used against the effects caused by mites in general (including micro-mites), with an effect on powdery mildews 15 days before harvesting. It does not affect the resin.


The product will be applied at the marked dose and after 2, 3 days EsencialProt at the marked dose, 

In powdery mildew infections that exceed more than 50% of the plant, CinnaProt + OidioProt will be mixed directly at the indicated doses. 


Foliar application: 2-2.5 ml / L. Ph: 6.5 / 7. Make applications every 10 or 15 days . wetting the entire plant well, especially the undersides of the leaves.


Product suitable for Organic Agriculture (Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007).

National free-sale fertilizer in Spain


Keep out of the reach of children and away from food, drink and animal feed. In case of accident or discomfort, seek medical advice immediately. National Institute of Toxicology: 915628469.