Chem Dawg seeds

CBD: 8%

THC: 6%

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Description of the Chem Dawg seeds:

CHEM DAWG seeds is a hybrid whose parents are the famous OG KUSH and SOUR DIESEL, of indica phenotype. It has fruity and soft aromas, resistant to different types of pests. That is why it is ideal for growing in places where the odors that are released (volatile terpenes) can cause problems. 

 The effect of this genetics makes it ideal to relax. At the same time, it gives the inspiration to be able to do activities of all kinds.

 This variety maintains a balance between THC and CBD.



 Its indoor cultivation is easy even for the most inexperienced, it is simple to grow and robust with a strong trunk from the beginning, resinous and compact flowers.

 This variety is perfect for outdoor cultivation. Also, dry soils which are resistant to bad treatments due to strong winds thanks to its robust structure. A Plant in the shape of a fir tree reaching between 1.70 meters and 1.85 meters high, thanks to its terpenes is a plant that goes unnoticed.

 In a greenhouse, it is necessary to know that this plant grows a lot, with good control of pruning we will get a good result, its resin is spectacular arriving to cover the leaves close to the flowers, it resists well to different types of fungi.