CANNABIOS Tea Tree Rosemary

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Description of the CANNABIOS Tea Tree Rosemary:

Cannabios Tea Tree Rosemary is a natural hemp balm. It is made from vegetable materials and is recommended mainly for its fungicidal, antiseptic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effects.

  • 50 m.

Among its indications, we recommend the treatment of fungi, skin mycosis, athlete’s foot, herpes, candidiasis, and in general for fungal skin and nail conditions. It is also recommended for insect bites, and without forgetting the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties also present for the care and protection of the skin against undesirable external agents.

Manufactured without preservatives, colorants or added perfumes. It should be noted for this reason that it is a product from sustainable and organic farming.



Indicated for topical use.

Apply to the affected area after cleansing, massaging gently two or three times a day, depending on your needs.