Bubba Kush seeds

CBD: 8%

THC: 8%

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Description of the Bubba Kush Seeds:

Bubba Kush seeds is a variety that comes from the crossing of the OG Kush, bred for the first time on the West Coast of the United States, being one of the most famous in the world with a multitude of awards.

 This CBD genetics is a hybrid of predominantly Indica variety and also very resistant to pests and different diseases.

 A plant with a terpenoid profile ranging from a touch of earthy to a more sweet and lemony aroma. For Kush lovers, this is the perfect plant. Its effect is relaxing and it is a good candidate for making topical creams, thanks to its terpene concentrations.

 This variety maintains a balance between THC and CBD.



 The indoor cultivation of this plant has fast growth. Therefore, we recommend not to let it grow too much, it is very robust and ideal for “Sea Of Green” systems. It is characterized by separate inter-knots and purple trunk. Although you may think that this is due to the lack of nitrogen is not so, it is one of the characteristics of this plant.

 Outdoors this plant has very good growth and if we provide a good fertilizer to the substrate we will get it to be very productive. It is shown in the form of a fir tree reaching between 1.70 meters and 1.90 meters in height, even depending on the grower and the methods used.

 If you decide to plant it in a greenhouse it can grow a lot, we recommend planting it later than normal, since, having a fast growth, can cause problems due to lack of space.