Bio Neem

Application: Foliar and Root

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Features de Bio Neem:

BIO NEEM. 100% neem seed extract

It is a biological, biodegradable and zero waste product. Moreover, it does not affect beneficial insects such as ladybugs, worms, bees, …

The product promotes the biological defense processes of the plant itself and has a marked repellent and fortifying action against possible attacks by pathogenic fungi such as Mildius, Botrytis, Roya …

Dosage and Application of Bio Neem:

Foliar application: 1 to 2 ml / L, wetting the entire plant very well, including flowers and undersides of the leaves.

Root application and cuttings bath: 2 to 3 ml / L

* Do not mix with alkaline products. Apply in times of low light.

IMPORTANT: This oil curdles below 15ºC so it is recommended to store it in a place where the temperature exceeds 20ºC. If this is not possible, keep the product near a heat source for 5 minutes before application.

Combinations of Bion Neem with:


Also, with MOBET: The product remains in the plant for a longer time.

And with ESSENTIALPROT: Greater penetration in hard-to-reach parts of the plant.

Security term:

Stop applying BIO NEEM 10 to 15 days before harvest.

The company advises to wash the roots 2 weeks before harvest.


Certification No. AN26PAE-13