Bio Balm Baby Protect

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Description of the BIo Balm Baby Protect:

Bio Balm Baby Protect is an efficient natural hemp balm specially formulated for the prevention, care, and regeneration of the skin of babies and children.

There is a special synergy created among its natural ingredients. We find a mixture of olive and hemp oils, which, together with shea butter, the natural extract CC+ (Cannabinoid Complex plus) extracted from the hemp plant, and zinc oxide, offer excellent benefits and properties. They stand out especially for being moisturizing, emollient, soothing, antiseptic, and regenerating for the daily skincare of babies and children.

It is recommended for the treatment of dermatitis or diaper rashes, since apart from soothing and regenerating the affected areas, it creates a protective layer or film that insulates the skin from these external factors thanks to the contribution of antioxidants and essential acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. Components that will nourish the dermis, thus allowing a prompt repair and regeneration of the same.

Manufactured without preservatives, colorants, or added perfumes, Cannabios Baby Zinc Balm is a product from sustainable and organic agriculture.

A natural alternative to chemical products.

Suitable for use also as a sunscreen.

(Do not expose babies under 3 years of age to direct sunlight).