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Description of the Bacterial:

With BACTERIAL you get a freeze-dried culture of microorganisms. If you mix the contents of the product with water, billions of nitrifying bacteria will grow within 24 hours. Even as small as they are, nitrifying bacteria are essential for life on earth, including plants. Together with enzymes and molds, these bacteria transform organic waste into perfect reusable nutrients for plants. 

To achieve the right environment in the growing medium of your plants, this biological product has been developed with reliable and fast results. This is not only a bacterial growth stimulant, since nitrifying bacteria are true waste eaters it can also reduce the increase of your growing medium.


The most common and easiest way to add products is by mixing it with the irrigation water. Mix one or two dessert spoons in a container with water (PH 6 ), wait 24 hours, and apply. A weekly application of product will give optimum results.


envase: 50-200 ml