What are Phyto-fortifiers:

The term phyto-fortifier is the equivalent of vitamins for humans. It is understood then that phyto-fortifiers have a very low risk for plants, people and the environment.

They are basically substances or microorganisms intended to protect plants through defense mechanisms and stimulation of the plant’s own resistance.

Phyto-fortifiers cannot be phytosanitary products, fertilizers or EC fertilizers. According to regulation no. 2003/2003 on fertilizers or Royal Decree 824/2005 on fertilizers, some Prot-Eco products promote plant growth or flowering.


– They can compete with pathogens for root space. (Trichoprot, Mycoprot)

– They can create induced resistance (Alliumprot, Urtiprot, ….).

– Can act as a barrier against pests or diseases.


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